The Loch Ness Brewing Company was first created adjacent to the shores of the mysterious stretch of water and home to the world’s most infamous monster – “Nessie”.

In late 2016 The Loch Ness Beer brand was rescued by a partnership between two well established Highland businesses - Cobbs Group Loch Ness and Cairngorm Brewery.  The brand which won the “Best Branding/Design” award at the UK Beer marketing awards is now firmly in safe hands.

Loch Ness Brewing Company (not Loch Ness Brewery) went into liquidation earlier in 2016 resulting in a number of job losses in the village of Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness.

The award winning Cairngorm Brewery who previously bottled beer for Loch Ness Brewing Company, felt that the brand was too important to lose and the partnership with Loch Ness based Cobbs made complete sense.  Rory Cameron, Managing Director of Cobbs Bakery and Sam Faircliff, Managing Director of Cairngorm Brewery decided to pool resources and rescue the brand to ensure it continued as a strong Highland craft beer brand.

Loch Ness Beer was back on the shelves before Nessie had a chance to make her next appearance!



Sam Faircliff said:  “The Loch Ness brand is so well know globally that it will be a great opportunity for the export market as well as here at home”

Rory Cameron said: “We are delighted to join forces with Cairngorm Brewery and we look forward to bringing Loch Ness Brewery products to our 17 Cobbs outlets across Scotland and further afield in due course.”



We take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings.  Loch Ness is separated from the Cairngorms National Park by the Monadliath mountains but the water that falls either side of this mountain range is what makes this Highland water so very special.  This soft water allows us to extract the maximum amount of flavour from the carefully selected malts & hops that we use, making it a key feature in the character of our beers.


It's all about making the best possible beer. Our brewing style has one foot in the British Cask Ale tradition, but we also take influences from our travels around the world, utilising the skills we’ve learned from other brewers and inspiration from the many beers we’ve tasted. We are always working on new styles and look forward to the direction these beers can take us in, but what really matters is the quality of the beer in your hand. The most important factor is you, the drinker, and that will always be our focus.